Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It's About Time!!

I know..I know...why, oh why has it taken me this long to blog? Very simple: I live so far out in the middle of nowhere that it would cost us a ridiculous amount to have high speed least for the time being. Soon enough it will happen, but until then I have found a great option at an undisclosed location!

First, my initial, I will try to incorporate some pics...can't promise when that will happen, but, hey! At least I am making some progress.

Soon to come will be the view of my mind, soul and heart for Jesus, my lovely family, people that just tick me off...and strangers that show random acts of kindness! It's about time some of those strangers are recognized...even though they will never know. I know. God knows. You should know too!

I will also be sharing my inherent love of all types of coffees!!!! I have some great ones I would like to suggest....maybe you can suggest some to me as well! We will start with my first two favorites and where you can find them. has an amazing Sumatra, while Moon Monkey Coffee Co. has a fantastic Kenya AA.....roasted in honor of NewSpring's medical mission trip to Segera, Kenya in August.....which I was able to go on.....I am sure you will hear plenty of that soon enough! (BTW...both of these business owners reeeaaallllyyy love them some Jesus, so please support them! Starbucks cannot even compare!)

I am excited to see how this goes....but let me give you fair warning....I do NOT care if my punctuation and grammar are correct, so please do not lecture me. I am a published author and know how to write but for all intents and purposes of this blog I will be freely using typos. Some people cannot handle that, and if you are that person: then this blog is definately NOT for you!

I will also not be arguing about the church I attend or it's pastor. I love my church, I support my pastor and the other leaders of New Spring. I am an active member there because I love Jesus, and I am priveledged to be able to serve Him in a huge capacity there. He wants me there. He told me so. So I will not respond to negativity towards any of my spiritual beliefs. But I will pray for you!

Be Contagious for Christ!!!!