Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 2...again

This past September when we began to notice a place in the ischial area of Tim's backside, we never imagined that for the second time this year we would be facing this massive surgery again. After all...we have dealt with skin issues in the past and were able to heal them up pretty easily. It began going south very quickly, despite our best efforts...Tim stayin in bed, eating well, etc. Within a matter of six weeks we were told surgery again, but the earliest date would be in February. That was all well and good as long as he could tolerate it. But about a week and a half ago I began to notice subtle differences and shortly afterwards so did a number of other people.

We were blessed to be admitted as soon as we were. The fear was sepsis...or that the infection had gotten into the blood stream. They were very aggressive when we were admitted to ICU lastnight, and he went into surgery around 730 this morning. The last skin flap took two and a half hours. Today, four hours went by....then four and a half...and I got very scared. Bad feelings swept over me. I am not ready to lose him...and I begged God not to take him yet.

I stood at the window of his room overlooking the Atlanta skyline. Outide of it stand two very tall trees, barren with leaves dropping to the ground every few seconds. As I looked all around, I took particular notice that there were not any birds....anywhere. I looked all over, across the street, down the road, in other trees...none to be found. So I asked God as I prayed...and paniced.."God, if he is okay, please land a bird on the tree to the left. Only one. Only on the left. I stared...I prayed...I begged...for thirty straight minutes. We were now five hours with no word from the surgeon.

I began to accept not that God was not there, but that it was His answer. Not that He could not bring Tim through, but that it was not His plan. And as I wiped the first tear away, a huge, bright yellow bird perched on the limb right across from me. Looking straight my way....and within seconds the surgeons footsteps entered the room.

The operation was difficult. He was barely able to close the incisions with the lack of tissue. The infection was as large as a canteloupe. Those are all his words. Tim needed two blood transfusions. That is very uncommon for him. He should do fine, however this recovery will take some time. His spirits are very low. That breaks my heart...but I suppose after all he has been through he is due to have a bad day. I will keep you all up to date.
God is still God.

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