Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Roller Coaster: Day One

It was a huge blessing to us yesterday late afternoon when we got the call to be here a day early! A whirlwind of emotions flooded us all as we threw everything together and made it here 30 minutes earlier than we need to. Excellent attention and sertvice-as expected-as we were flooded with doctors, nurses, PT, wasn't long before we knew full well why God intervened. The surgeon and Tim go way back...they are constantly teasing each other and dogging one another out. It caught us both off gaurd when we saw his face change and the tome of his voice along with it after seeing the deterioration of this wound in just 9 days. What was supposed to be a fairly sinple debridement and muscle graft has gone another direction-we won't know the extent untill he actually gets him into surgery in the morning. I know Tim will be okay...its just seeing him so vulnerable and scared. Its seeing his face as he was transferred to his bed knowing he wouldn't be up for several MORE weeks. It's the way I love my husband and hurt for him. The way his family saw him multiple times over the years. A big day tomorrow...he is sleeping soundly and flirting with all of the nurses everytime they come in. Thanks for the prayers...I'll update after I hear something tomorrow. We have a mighty God....

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