Friday, January 15, 2010

Separation Anxiety

Well, as most of you are aware, my husband...a quadriplegic of 25 years....will be having surgery next Friday 2 hours away in Atlanta. I will be commuting a few days there, a few days home, basketball games with our son, night shifts, and a home to run. He will be there at least a month, and spend the first couple of weeks face down on a stretcher. Sounds pretty crazy, huh?

We serve a mighty God. He sustains us in times of need and fatigue. He carries us through times we can't stagger through on our own. And before anyone feels sorry for either of us, realize this: we are going to be okay!! Isn't that wonderful? Guess what? We aren't dealing with cancer, heart attack, stroke, and we aren't standing around in a poverty stricken country in rubble at our feet wondering if our family is dead or alive with nothing to eat or drink. We live in a country where we are free to worship as we choose. People....It's about time...we realized how blessed we really are!!! The funny thing is....if I know my husband.....the will be a SERIOUS revival going on in that hospital!!!

God has blessed us with an amazing family, amazing friends, and a church that has surrounded us with love, prayers and support in a very exhausting and frustrating time for us. I thank each of you that have contributed to this. Know that you have made a difference.

"For he has not despised or disdained the suffering of the afflicted one; he has not hidden his face from him but has listened to his cry for help." Psalm 22:24 God hears us when we call Him. He answers our cries. My question we only cry out to Him when we are needing His rescue? Why not cry out to Him each morning to bring yourself into His mighty presence before you face this world alone.

I pray that we will all "Praise Him in the Storm."

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