Thursday, January 21, 2010

Roller Coaster: Day Two

Isn't it funny when you BEG God for something and you get just the opposite? Tim was wheeled into the OR doors this morning an hour earlier than was a jovial time for all as his nurses roared with laughter when he yelled, "It's NEKID TIME!!" The doors closed and there I was....alone in the hallway..not even knowing which direction to go coffee.

I walked around for a while, just talking to God. Even though I asked Him for a simple surgery....and pleaded with Him for no skin flap....the little voice inside of me told me that just would not be the case. I have known that for a few weeks. But then I had to hear the words the come out of the surgeon's mouth five hours later. I had to remind myself to breathe.

Panic set everything he said to me became a blur. Blah, blah, least 6 more weeks, maybe 8 in the hospital....blah, blah, blah...I am happy with the results. I did't know what was worse...hearing it for myself...knowing I had to tell him...or having to tell his mother. None of the above turned out to be easy.

The rest of this is not for the sensitive...people want here they are. Don't say I didn't warn you. The bone that is the ischium was very pointed from a surgery in 92. The wound was in the right groin area. Throughout the course of this the sharpness of the bone has basically mutilated all of the good there was really nothing to work with. Solution: Skin Flap. An incision that looks like a "V" from the front to the back of his right inner thigh. (now you see why we weren't excited) it's about 8 inches long on each side. The bone was shaved down and an area as described to me about the size of the Dr.'s fist was completely necrotic (dead/infected) and that just had to go. Muscle and skin from the surrounding area of the thigh was pulled in and grafted....and POOF>>> there ya have it.
Very long healing chair for many weeks....but the great news.....he can't feel anything so he's channel surfing with the sip and puff remote. We will have a central line put in in the next couple of days to give some high powered antibiotics for several weeks. He is eating and drinking great with no complaints.

So, I guess God knew all along what he needed. Funny how that works. It's been a rough ride for the past few months trying to prevent this....but now it is fixed...and let the healing begin. We so appreciate everyone's generosity, prayers, support, etc. We have a long road ahead of us...but we will be fine on the other side of this journey. Please pray for quick and thorough healing, as well as our family while we make it through this. Giving God the glory...because we know we are blessed to be in such an amazing place, and that He has been steering this boat the whole time. I have been able to meet some wives of spinal cord injuries and encourage them....and Tim just shines to whoever comes in the room! The worst is over...I will post on the days I am here to keep everyone up to date. While I am can I pray for you?


  1. Just keep it real. If you need us holler. Leslie's mom came home today, she had a heart attack yesterday. We are praying for you and Tim.

  2. Hi Rhonda! I am one of Tim's co-workers at DSS and my husband and I are praying for you both daily! I am glad to learn of your blog and I'll follow it to keep up with the how Tim is doing and to see how I can best pray for you all. I am happy to see how strong your faith remains during this difficult's very encouraging!