Saturday, January 2, 2010


So, instead of dressing in the sparkly dress and donning the lovely new princess cut earrings and necklace my amaaaaaazing hubby got me for Christmas to bring in the new year with our insanely loud, but wonderful, group of annual New Year's Party friends, you would have found us at the stroke of midnight with our crystal champagne flutes filled with bubbly, dressed in pajamas, with our 8 yr old toasting his first countdown with the crystal champagne flute! At first we were a little bummed that we could not go enjoy the scene with our buds. My husband of five and a half years is paralyzed from the chest down and elbows down. That's not the problem. He is being required to be out of his chair....flat on his back for several weeks due to a pressure area on his thigh that has decided to go ballistic! We realized as we toasted and kissed at midnight that we could not have been anywhere more wonderful than our home...with each other....knowing God loves us so much. See, this might seem like a sad story to so many. But to have a husband who reminds me routinely....."Only God could love you more..."blesses me far more than anyone could have blessed me that could walk but only loves me half as much.
What an amazing New Year's Eve! I am excited to see what God's gonna do with us this year!!!

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