Friday, January 29, 2010

One Week Down...

First of all, thanks to so many who have let me know that they are reading this. I appreciate all of the comments that you leave, and I read them all to Tim. He loves hearing the feedback and encouragement.

I had my complete breakdown on Tuesday evening just before the basketball game. I had reached exhaustion point and found myself doing things like moving the chair out of the way so Tim could get to the computer, picking up shoes so he wouldn't run over them, expecting him home at 6....let's just say my mind got the best of me and it took off with ALLLLLL KINDS of crazy thoughts.(It does not help that medically I know entirely too much for my own good in these situations) I officially had my first ever anxiety attack. All I could think of was what my life would be like without him ever coming home. An emptiness set in and all I could do was cry. Thankfully, my mommy was here to coach me through it, Cierra picked up on it IMMEDIATELY and staggered to get Landon ready for his game, and I choked back the tears as everyone asked about him while we were at the gym. Coma cannot describe the sleep I had, even though I could have used more!

I have gotten absolutely brutalized at work for the last two days. The hospital is so busy and I slept until 10:30 this morning. Landon is home sick as well, but is doing fine...he's been such a little man, as well as Cierra being so supportive. My mom has kept everything moving along nicely as usual.

Tim's brother drove his parents to spend the day yesterday. From what they said he was a little loopy and losing track of the days. His wound hasn't had any complications that I am aware of and at this point we are just letting things heal up before they try stretching him. I routinely get my phonecall between 9 and 9:30. That is a happy time for me. I will be headed back on Monday and will be home again on Thursday morning.

So many thanks to all of you for gifts, encouragement, prayers and hugs. We appreciate you so much. Blessings to you all....


  1. Rhonda and Tim,
    You and Tim are an inspiration for so many who love you. God does His work through both of you constantly. Know how close you are to Him, as he empowers you both in your ministry. You both will forever have a special place in the hearts of so many...mine especially.
    Love to you and Tim
    Barron Cooley

  2. Hi Rhonda and Tim!! I just discovered your blog and just discovered that Tim is in the hospital. I'm not very "tech literate" when it comes to this stuff, but I hope you get this message. I'm putting you guys in my prayers. Just wanted you both to know that I care about you!! Love, Carolyn Mohr